How to design a funky recruitment website

I was recently contacted by Taz and Michelle from 360 Academy to create a website that represented their new business. Having known Tazmayn for a while I knew that this wouldn’t be a usual recruitment website. The requirements were “we are after a quirky website that is fun and memorable!” I was sent the logo […]

Physiotherapy website design

I was contacted by Paul from Advance Allied to design and build a website for his mobile Physio business. I love designing websites and helping small businesses, especially when I know that the company I am designing for is able to do such amazing work like Advance Allied’s work.They are a mobile physiotherapist that operates […]

Going from 9 to 5 to 24/7

We are bought up in a world where working 9 to 5 until we retire is a normal life. I myself have worked as an employee since I was 16, so adjusting to a whole new way of working my small business at the age of 28 was a big shock to me! So I […]

How to stay sane during lockdown 5.0

So Melburnians, here we are in yet another lockdown! I know a lot of people have struggled during the previous lockdowns and somehow I managed to keep myself busy with my business but this lockdown seems to have hit me really hard. As all of my family are over in England, this lockdown just feels […]

How much does a website cost?

Responsive website design

This has got to be the number one question that I get asked, “what is the cost of building a website?”The price can range from a few hundred dollars up to thousands and this all depends on what you want from your website. First of all your designer/developer will need to know whether you require […]

What hosting should I choose for my website?

The world of website hosting is full of choices so how are we supposed to choose which is the best hosting for our websites? Well here are a few hosting companies I would personally recommend and my reasons for choosing them. My number 1 choice for website hosting is VentraIP My reasons for loving […]

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