Responsive web app


My role

  • Discovery hackathon
  • User personas
  • User journeys
  • Information architecture
  • Lo-fi wireframing
  • User testing
  • UX/UI design
  • Hi-fi prototyping

The challenge

Globium provides Web 3.0 investors with the bridging asset they have longed for – an easy-to-access, “real-world” real estate portfolio that can be purchased and managed using crypto assets including their own $Globium coin.

The main challenge was to create trust in the new brand, create an intuitive user experience, and make a user-friendly crypto wallet (If you have opened a wallet before you will know this is not for the non-tech-savvy people!).


Discovery ran over a couple of weeks with multiple client workshops.
During these workshops, I collaborated with the client to create user personas, value proposition canvas, and design the information architecture.

After delving deep into the business model, I was involved in a 24-hour hackathon where I provided a small hi-fi prototype of how we could solve the problem.

Hackathon design files

User journey

Another workshop was held with the client and together we created the user journey for each of the personas; Crypto Bro, Property Bro and Dinner Party Set.

UX design

Lo-fi wireframes were created for the client portal using user journeys to guide the experience.

The solution I provided was to create a custodial wallet that is controlled by Globium which can be opened with a few clicks. Then creating a UI that was similar to an online bank account to help create trust and an intuitive user experience.

Usability study - Client portal

Testing with the client portal, in particular from where the user reserves a property through to receiving rental income helped to identify some areas in the UX that needed re-working.

I found out that clients wanted to know what was coming next and what was involved in the whole process.
They also wanted to feel more secure and be reassured before they parted with their funds.

Original reserve property page

Updated reserve property page

  1. Adding steps at the top of the page helps the user to understand what they have left to complete
  2. Having the property information of the left with tooltips if needed. Using a similar layout to a cart/checkout helps create a more intuitive experience.

Original receipt

Updated receipt

  1. Adding the logo, address and phone number of Globium helps to create trust and reassurance.
  2. Having the clients name on the receipt helps to reassure the user that it is theirs.
  3. Designing this digital receipt to resemble more of a store paper receipt to again add to the trust of the brand.


A branding workshop was conducted with Globium and they went away and created their own colour scheme and typography.
I worked in collaboration with their designer to introduce some colours more suited for digital products and to refine the typography so that it was legible on mobile.

UI design & prototyping

Next steps

This product is currently in development.
The Globium team are deciding on what property management system they want to work with and I will then be designing the admin portal.