How much does a website cost?

This has got to be the number one question that I get asked, “what is the cost of building a website?”
The price can range from a few hundred dollars up to thousands and this all depends on what you want from your website.

First of all your designer/developer will need to know whether you require a basic information website or if you require additional functionality. This could be a booking system, an online store or membership functionality.

Once this has been determined then you will need to decide how many pages you want on the website. There will of course be a difference in cost for someone who wants a 3-page website, compared to someone who wants a 15-page website due to the time the designer will put into your website.

Website with e-commerce functionality

After this you will need to provide content for your website, both written and images. If you want your designer/developer to provide content for you this will again increase the overall cost of your website project.

Then the cost of your website also depends on where you find your designer/developer. If you use Airtasker, Freelancer or other platforms to find your website developer then you can get cheaper rates but please remember cheaper is not always the best option.

The best option is to ask your local community for recommendations and support local. Whilst it may cost a little bit extra, you know the work will be good and you are supporting your local people.

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