Physiotherapy website design

I was contacted by Paul from Advance Allied to design and build a website for his mobile Physio business. I love designing websites and helping small businesses, especially when I know that the company I am designing for is able to do such amazing work like Advance Allied’s work.
They are a mobile physiotherapist that operates in and around Adelaide. They specialise in NDIS and home care physiotherapy treatments.

Paul had recently hired someone to design his website for him but he was not happy with the outcome. The design lacked personality and was very text-heavy, not good for people who may experience reading difficulties. In addition to this, the website design lacked warmth and did not have a welcoming feeling, which is needed as Advance Allied provide a very personal service.

This is when he contacted us and together we worked with Paul to design a physio website that had a warm and welcoming feeling and was easily accessible. How did we do this?

– We sourced photos that related to Paul’s clients so that the images speak to his users
– We used a white background and dark text, making it easily readable for all users
– We use larger fonts for headings and kept the body text slightly larger than normal
– We only used text and information that was necessary so that we would not overload the user
– The colours used from the logo are fresh, bright and modern to help create a welcoming experience

Advance Allied are very happy with the final design created by MoochyLou Designs and he left us an amazing review!

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