How to stay sane during lockdown 5.0

So Melburnians, here we are in yet another lockdown! I know a lot of people have struggled during the previous lockdowns and somehow I managed to keep myself busy with my business but this lockdown seems to have hit me really hard.
As all of my family are over in England, this lockdown just feels like another push further away from getting to see them. So I had my grumpy day and now I’m focusing on what I can control. Here are 5 things that I am doing during lockdown to help keep me from losing my mind.

  1. Do what you love
    In these uncertain times we need to ensure we give ourselves something to look forward to. I am very grateful that I love what I do and that I can continue to work on website designs from home. It doesn’t have to be something huge, it could be gardening or a walk or even cooking your favourite dish!
Cooking with family and friends

2. Do some daily exercise
This doesn’t have to be an intense workout, it can be a walk or a youtube yoga session. Getting your body moving and your mind away from technology helps to release any stress or anger that you might be feeling.

3. Try meditating
I try to do this daily and I still suck at it 😂 but like anything being consistent helps you to improve. Just meditating and focusing on the breath, helps to calm the nervous system and reduce our lockdown stress.

Meditating during lockdown

4. Ask for help
I’m one of those who talk myself out of asking for help but this time I admitted to myself and others that I need someone to talk to and that I need to let my feelings out. We are all human and we all have feelings! It’s perfectly normal to experience different feelings but talking and expressing your feelings helps to rationalise them and realise that others are feeling the same way too.

5. There is always wine
For me, there’s nothing like a nice chilled night with a movie and a glass of wine. Having some downtime and chilling out can help relax your mind and body. Wine might not keep you sane, but a few glasses (or bottles) can sure make me feel good 😂

If you’re needing someone to talk to please reach out as I’m always here to chat and it doesn’t always have to be about website design haha!

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